Injured in car crash?

In today’s hectic, fast-paced and often highly distracted society, car accidents have become sadly commonplace, and the aftermath of an accident can have a huge impact on everyone involved. A serious car accident can cause serious, life-changing (or life ending) injuries, and the emotional impact of a serious accident is almost impossible to quantify. The ramifications from a serious accident can continue for years, and the impact on one’s health and well-being can be impossible to calculate.

Ironically, the time just after an accident is when a victim is forced to deal with the intricacies of the medical insurance system and with a wide range of other serious concerns. Without expertise in dealing with insurance companies, many victims assume they should take the first settlement offer given to them. Unfortunately, this can be a serious mistake that can leave a victim exposed should their medical expenses go much higher than initially thought.

What’s the solution for people hurt in serious accidents? The answer is to have a skilled legal representative fighting for your rights every step of the way.

If you or a member of your family have been involved in an accident in the Los Angeles area, it’s critical to have representation from a Los Angeles car accident attorney who understands every aspect of the law, and who will fight tirelessly for your rights every step of the way.

Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney At Law

Our firm specializes in representing those who have been hurt in traffic accidents of all kinds, and we are well known and well respected for what we do. With our experience and expertise, our office is able to take on a huge variety of cases, including injuries from car accidents, truck or motorcycle accidents or bus accidents. Our firm prides itself on treating all of our clients like family members, and working hard to ensure that they are represented fully every step of the way, throughout the often confusing aspects of the modern legal process.

Our Firm’s Pledge

This legal firm is pledged to protect and preserve the rights of our client, first and foremost. It is our goal and our promise to treat every one of our clients fairly, and to act as their voice in the legal process. We want to ensure that our clients are treated well and that they receive the maximum possible settlement amount after an accident takes place. We know that the aftermath of an accident can be a confusing and upsetting time. We understand that dealing with the legal process and with corporate entities and insurance companies can be daunting, and that’s why we are lending our expertise to ensure that your rights are fully protected.

Our Mission

This Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney practice stands behind its mission, which is to ensure that every client we represent receives the maximum compensation for their accident related injuries. We will work overtime to make sure every aspect of your case is expertly handled, so that you are guided to the best possible outcome in your case.

Taking The Right Steps After An Accident

After an accident has happened, it’s very important to take the right steps so that you are protected. Following these steps will help to ensure that you are acting wisely and that you will be in good legal standing after your accident.

Obtain the driver’s license and proof of insurance from everyone involved in the accident. A photo taken with a cell phone can be used as proof of documentation.
Take photos of the accident scene, as well as any damage to the cars involved. This must be done at the scene, so you are not blamed for any other damage to the other party’s car that might happen after your accident.

Get contact information from any witnesses at the scene. A good witness is invaluable in protecting yourself and proving your case.

*Get medical care from a local doctor for minor injuries. If you have serious injuries, go to the hospital.
Call the police and tell them the facts of what happened. File a police report detailing the events surrounding the accident.
Take extensive notes on everything that happened, including whether anyone appeared to be intoxicated. These notes are very important in building your case and protecting yourself.

Given that an accident is a chaotic and confusing situation, it’s important to have a short checklist of these tips on hand in a convenient place. These are the key points and the most important actions to take in case you should be involved in an accident.

  • Keep this short Car Accident Checklist on hand in a safe place in the car.
  • Ask every driver to give their proof of insurance, driver’s license and any other pertinent information.
  • Take clear photos of the accident scene, with a record of damage to the cars.
  • Interview witnesses on the scene and be sure to get their names and phone numbers.
  • Get medical attention for injuries immediately, at a hospital or doctor’s office.
  • Call the police and be sure to file a report of the accident.
  • Do not speak to insurance adjusters or give any type of a statement

Yes, there’s no question an accident is a frightening and confusing experience, and on today’s crowded roads, the odds of an accident taking place are getting higher and higher all the time. An accident is a shocking experience, and it send the victim into a legal system that few are adequately prepared to deal with.

It’s important to know, however, that there is nothing to fear from the legal system once you have expert and knowledgeable representation taking care of you and your case. Our Los Angeles Attorney Group is dedicated to serving our client’s needs and ensuring that you are protected to the full extent of the law.

If you have been in an accident, call our office for a free consultation today. We are committing to serving you and protecting your rights.